Yacht Inspection & Repair


Puget Sound Dive is a leading provider of underwater yacht repair and inspection services in the Pacific Northwest Region. Our divers have extensive experience and training in all aspects of preventative maintenance and yacht repair.

– Propeller removal, installation, & underwater polishing
– Thru hull removal, repair, and installation
– Max-Prop maintenance and pitch change
– Anode maintenance
– Video inspections
– Hull cleaning

Houseboat Floatation

1. Floating HOME, Diver

Pacific NW and Seattle Floating Homes – For all floating home owners can relay on Puget Sound Dive and their parent company Sterling Marine Services as the dive company they can trust.  Owning a piece of floating property in the Northwest and calling it home comes with a network of above and underwater season required maintenance services.  Puget Sound Dive is your source for inspections, will help maintain your flotation, utilities, and dock connections to ensure they are secure and safe during all NW changing seasons and conditions.

Floating Homes in the greater Seattle area come in a variety of different categories, floating homes on logs require specific season barrel upgrades with underwater diving services – consider this feature like a yard or lawn service, in the case of floating homes your diver is no different from your monthly or season landscaping or yard service.  Puget Sound Dive and Sterling Marine Services is the leader in NW floating home services and maintenance.

Marine Salvage


Puget Sound Dive marine salvage has skilled and experienced man power to provide responsive, safe, and effective solutions when it comes to marine salvage.

Sterling Marine Services is the parent company to Puget Sound Dive with over 20 years experience in the marine salvage business.  Our team has experience raising large and smaller vessels as well as finding smaller objects such as jewelry and engines parts in relentless Pacific Northwest underwater conditions.

Puget Sound Dive full-time maintenance divers are ready for any marine salvage situation.  Our safe, rapid and responsive philosophy has brought us the positive reputation for efficient marine salvage emergency responders in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound of the Pacific Northwest water ways of lakes, bays, ponds and sounds.


Digital Camera

Puget Sound Dive uses state of the art mooring system designs and components, featuring unsurpassed holding power.One system is the helix anchor.   A large screw style anchor which is driven into the sea floor.  This system minimizes impact on the sea floor by reducing the dead area surrounding the anchor.

The dead weight system is the alternative choice.  it is used when the helix mooring system will not suffice. With Puget Sound Dive, our design is able to provide an extreme amount of holding power and reduce the harmful impact to the sea floor that many dead weight systems create.

Our mooring systems have many other diverse uses.  Puget Sound Dive will streamline the difficult permitting process.